My last day of freedom…hello employment

It all began on November 19th when I found out that I was being made redundant.  It was 6 weeks later that I managed to secure a 3 to 6 month contract with a large global organisation in their internal recruitment team. It’s not a permanent role but I am thrilled as it’s a great organisation and it’s a start back to in-house recruitment.

How did I do it?

Through a friend I use to work with in Vancouver back in 1999, who now works for the organisation in the US.  She knew I was looking from my profile on LinkedIn, but I had also gotten in touch with her.  Their UK team were looking but weren’t actively advertising,  and so she put my CV forward.

I think this is a great example of how your network – no matter how old and from what country it is in, is crucial in today’s job search – whether permanent or contract. You have to think global and you have to think social!

Your network has now been made easier to leverage with tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can engage with people a lot more easily than you could 10 years a go, even a year a go.  When you mix this with other methods (talking to friends, colleagues and family) you use to use before these tools were around, you have an incredibly powerful search engine.

I am not convinced you can rely on social media purely just yet.  It’s still relatively new.  But when you use it as a leverage to get your message out there, to engage,  and to mix it in with the old and new forms,  the results are incredibly positive.  There is also a piece here where I believe people naturally want to help you.  People go out of their way to give you leads or to point you in the right direction.  It’s important to pick up on each of these as you never know where they will lead you.  My previous colleague Mervyn Dinnen mentioned this in one of his super blogs “the world is your recruiter” and I would have to agree whole heartedly with this, especially because I now have experienced this first hand.

The biggest thing I would like to recommend here if twitter is not yet for you,  is that you do need to use your network, this method is here to stay!  Over the 4 and a 1/2 years when I worked at Courtenay HR,  the amount of times I advised my candidates about how crucial it was to build your network through LinkedIn and to even start one,  has reinforced this, there is no time to delay.

So who is this great global brand?  I start tomorrow, so look out for an update on my LinkedIn profile later in the week! Goodbye to  my 10 am starts and daylight runs in the morning. Hello employment.

Thanks to you all for the support and encouragement over the past months, I am sure I will need your help again sometime in the future!
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3 Responses to My last day of freedom…hello employment

  1. Great post Lou and thanks for the shout out.

    You have indeed been advising candidates to build and leverage their networks and now you’ve shown them that it works!

    Power to you, and whoever the global brand are…they’ve got themselves a first class recruiter!

    • louisecurtis says:

      Thanks Merv…yes it definitely reinforces all that banging on I gave to a lot of my candidates tee hee hee … practice what you preach as they say!

  2. brooks says:

    Congrats! Nice blog.

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