Round up…read all about it

It has been a relatively quiet week, the market is slowing down, the phone is not ringing as much, and the job boards are lacking any new opportunities.  So here is a quick round-up before that jolly ole guy in a red suit starts taking over my precious job hunt time!

It is difficult for me to make this sound interesting because I don’t really want to be naming companies just yet.  But all in all, I will have had 6 company interviews by early next week, all are long term contracts, all are for in-house roles, all are with very different industries and all have come through my network.

I have a 2nd round interview today for a great global brand, in my eyes anyway.

I am waiting on feedback from an interview with a FMCG organisation. I won’t hear back till the other side of Christmas.

I have 2 interviews next week, both with Professional Services organisations.

I turned one opportunity down in the Hi Tech space because it was not the level I was looking for and I knew I would soon get very bored.

I have already been rejected for one.  A Financial Services player whom felt my industry experience was not relevant enough. Far enough I thought.

On top of this I have had several interviews with Agencies to register my details and have applied to a number of roles that have come through various contacts, that I am still waiting to hear back on.  I am trying to keep the pipeline active, but I am realistic that over the next few weeks, I may just have to relax and enjoy my mulled wine and fruit mince pies.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the last few weeks.  I would definitely not have had as many interviews if it was not for all of you!  So a huge thank you!  And wishing you all a fabulous Christmas break


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One Response to Round up…read all about it

  1. Lynn says:

    Lou – enjoy getting your updates – keep up the great work you are doing – lots of activity will bring you something I am sure. Sounds like you are getting good opportunities – lets hope one of them is for you!

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