Remember its the little things that make a difference

There is something to be said about the persona of an organisation.  What you hear and read on the ground, compared with what you actually experience when you engage with them, can be two different things.   It’s like that piccy on the box of your ‘ready made lasagna’ packet. To only look very different when you serve it on your plate!

Organisations pride themselves in wanting to look like a great place to work. Corporate websites are full of valuable information for those on the job hunt.  But is this just good company waffle with an exceptional PR machine?   More and more organisations are now turning to Facebook and to Linked to create a social voice so you quickly get a live sense for what it could be like to work there. A social presence is very powerful and can give off a convincing message to people looking to work for your organisation.   However, what I am experiencing when I have started the recruitment process with some, is that what is communicated here, can be quite different from the reality, and could quickly change your impression.  Remember that candidates are an ambassador of your brand, whether you want to hire them or not.

If you have a big social media presence and a big voice in the market about how great your organisation is to work for, then I would expect that the reality would follow through when you meet.  There is a lot to be said about employer branding versus corporate arrogance.  Is there room for improvement here? Absolutely! And it really need only be the small things to start with. Here are a few:

  • Please don’t ignore CV applications.  We have spent the time to research and apply, so why don’t you respond with a ‘thanks’ or even ‘thanks but no thanks’? All it needs to be is a wee email.
  • Please please try to be on time for the candidate interviews. Remember that they have probably arrived 5 or 10 minutes early.
  • Showcase your successes, it gives you a personality and will make you stand out. Reception is a great place to throw some awards about, highlight company events or perhaps have podcasts streaming to show your fun side.
  • Tell us in your eyes the great things about your company. An interview is a  2-way process, so it’s always powerful to hear from someone on the inside what its like to work there rather than reading the corporate waffle.
  • Try to show some interest in a candidate before you meet. Check out their profile on Linkedin.  It gives a sense of worth  before they step on to your premises.
  • Explain next steps,  be open and honest. It will speak wonders as no one else does it.

Small things I know.  But they will go a long way in making a difference to the candidate experience and will do wonders for your employer brand. What experiences can you share when on the job hunt?

Highlights: Connecting HR drinkies and making my homemade Christmas Chutney!

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