New beginings

Week one of my job hunt. Recruit Lou.  Today’s blog is a ’round up’ of what I have been doing over the past few days. So let’s get you all up to speed quickly…..

My week started with a bang – mixed emotions to be honest.  I was suddenly finding myself not having to get out the door by 8.10 to start my commute , I was feeling a mix of anxiety, which moved to relief, which then turned into excitement – But then quickly moved back to anxiety again.  For those who have experienced the unfortunate circumstances of a redundancy will know this feeling well. Very much a roller coaster journey.

First up the CV.  I got this up to date, scrabbled through my contacts and made some initial calls to people I know and trust.

Bingo! I secured my first interview with Corporate A on day one, and a phone interview with Corporate B and Corporate C.  That felt really good, firstly because I have had a great experience from an employee engagement perspective.  They were quick to get back to me, had some empathy about my situation, but were also going out of their way to help.  It also just happened that there was a vacancy in their respective teams. I have the interviews scheduled over the next few days, and so will keep you posted on how this progresses….it’s all about networking!

Next up,  Agencies.  They have been calling as no doubt the news is trickling through the market.  I have had some interesting meetings with 2 in particular and I was rather impressed with their approach. It’s positive to know that there are still some good guys out there. But the fact is I want to return to an in-house role so it may take me a little longer to find the ideal – more meetings and more decafe’d flat whites are definitely on the cards!

Job boards were next on the agenda. I have not seen much here that looks of interest to be honest or that my experience is right for, however I have applied for a few roles that were through different agencies (we will refer to them as Agency A & B for future reference) for In-House Recruitment roles.  But no surprise there, I have not yet heard a dicky bird from any of them.  Will give it a few more days and I will start to put some calls in.

Now that we are up to speed with a majority of the activity, what I am fast getting a sense of is that your relationships and networks are definitely the way forward and where you should spend more of your time and energy if looking for a new job. “Nothing new there” I hear you say!  But the reality is that a lot of people don’t.  They are either afraid, can’t be bothered or have to walk their dog.

The amount of times I have interviewed people who still have not gotten the hang of networking and who don’t really understand the tools behind it and the importance and value of it, is quite frankly ridiculous! “Oh but I am on Linkedin” and “I have spoken to a few people I use to work with”.  Come on lady, here is my point, it’s not just about Linkedin, or getting your name up there and connecting with a few chums.  You do have to work and build on it.  It has taken me years to build my network.  But it’s not only the network that is important, it’s the activity and substance you build into your profile.  There will be less chance of you being found by a Recruiter if you just write the name of the organisation and your job title!  You need to think ‘searchable’ and you need to think ‘key words’.  It’s important to understand that these are crucial for you being found by a potential employer or a recruiter…unless of course, you are running from something.

So for those who are reading this and are also on the job hunt – it’s not just about your CV, get your Linkedin profile humming!   And for those who are in the safe comforts of employment, you too need to get your Linkedin profile humming!  There is no better time to start!  And because Linkedin behaves like a CV database why would you not want to have a presence there?

In summary: Network baby! Its relationships all the way!

Highlights of the week: Homemade sausage rolls.  A catch up with my old work buddies – Gareth Jones & Mervyn Dinnen for one last time as a team. Mixed emotions. I will really miss them. Top blokes!  Strictly no day time TV for this girl.  Its Radio 2 all the way.

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