Lou’s job hunt

The word is out!

The word is out!

Hi, I am Lou and the word is now out.  I am on the job hunt! Please help me spread the word.  This is my documented diary of Recruit Lou’s job search,  encouraged by the one and only’s @garyfranklin@garelos and @mervyndinnen.  They have all explained to me in no particular order, that to stand out above and beyond, I had to blog.   To do something more creative than to use a job board – after all 75% of all roles are not advertised.  To be bigger than just another CV, and to demonstrate to those that I am real and live and not just a bit of paper!  So wake up. Here I am.  You can read at will.

A small bit about me first (you can find more on the above tabs).

I am a professional Recruiter with 15 years experience across Agency and Corporate, who suddenly joined the queue in finding a new job.

The challenge – to find an exciting In-House Recruitment position with a fabulous company and to get hired!

This blog is dedicated to my journey over the next few months, to report back on my experiences – the good, the bad, but also the great and the fabulous! My one wish is that I hope I get treated like I believe I have treated all of my candidates in the past – and that was with the respect, empathy and encouragement that we all deserve. After all, we are people, we have feelings, and we talk… please help me spread the word…thank you.

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